Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne textile artist Cat Rabbit has been creating delicate plush by hand using felt, fur and fluff, without so much as a pattern to guide the way since 2004. With her work regularly exhibited around Australia, pins, patches and prints proudly complete the growing collection. When Cat opens her studio or holds       intimate crafty workshops, we get a further peek into her world and it's an absolute treat. A collaboration between Cat Rabbit and A Skulk of Foxes saw the release of delicate silver jewellery pieces and her plush combine in tales of adventure with Melbourne artist and animator Isobel Knowles and their delightful children's books. Pretty sure her talent knows no bounds. And just when you think she can't get any more amazing, you see she can and she does with each thread to needle or pencil to paper. Cat Rabbit HAS ARRIVED at Hello Heartbreak. Find prints and plush HERE