Melbourne, Australia

Julia is magical. Based in Melbourne, she divides her time working towards a degree in fine arts and her studio in Brunswick. With her medium of choice being watercolour, ink, charcoal or acrylic, Julia's work is not only thought provoking and delicate, but evolving and beautiful. Really beautiful. Early creations saw a focus on black and white, but now we have insight into how she likes to use colour and it only adds another beautiful layer to her work. You'll find Julia's work hanging in galleries around Australia and for Heroine, an exhibition for artists to celebrate who has shaped their outlook, she produced and incredible portrait of Yayoi Kasuma. So great. Julia continues to impress. Whether it be bun-heads formed from clay and painted by her hand, scraps in plastic, bold portraits or simple sketches from her notebook, you'll see it's oh so easy to find a common language and fall completely in love with everything she creates. And if you are lucky enough to spend time in her company, you'll discover she is as lovely and intriguing as the art she creates. Find Scraps In Plastic limited edition prints available HERE